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How to reduce pests around the home

Although a pest management professional may be necessary to reduce pests to an acceptable level, there are steps homeowners can take on their own. Often these measures will also help protect the value of the home and the need for costly repairs in the future.

Rather than wood mulch, use stone or rubber mulch.

Dig into wood mulch and you are sure to find plenty of insects living below. Wood mulch holds moisture close to the foundation and creates an environment many pests love. Even mice find mulch a great medium in which to burrow. Termites also love damp wood, increasing their numbers and the likelihood that they will make it inside the home.

Leave a barrier along the foundation

Even after you replace your wood mulch with stone or rubber mulch, you still may want to leave a one foot barrier along the foundation. This barrier should contain nothing but soil; no mulch, no stones, and no vegetation. The bare dirt will dry much faster than if it was covered, and less moisture means less pests and a healthier foundation.

No vegetation close to the ground

This means no carpet forming plants or shrubs that touch the ground. You should be able to see the stem of all plants near your home. The number of mice that can make their home under a bush in need of a trim would blow your mind.

No vines

Although vines growing up the walls of a historic home can look appealing, the damage they can cause is immense. Vines can literally pull buildings apart, while also providing mice and other pests easy access to the holes the vines have created. Pests will climb the vines to the soffit and roof which otherwise might not have been accessible.

Whether or not you have a pest control program from a company like Best Choice Pest Control LLC, taking these steps will certainly reduce the number or pests while also preventing damage to the home due to moisture and other factors.

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