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How To Prevent Mosquitoes Around Your Dayton Yard This Summer

June 15, 2023 - Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes buzzing around the yard can make spending any time outdoors this summer hard. Whether you enjoy working in the backyard on the weekends or having barbecues with family and friends, mosquitoes are one pest that will send people running inside for shelter. Understanding more about mosquito pest control in Dayton can help you reduce their populations and protect your family from bites and potential illnesses.

This article will explain why mosquitoes have returned to Dayton and the risks that come with them. We’ll also provide some helpful tips you can use to protect your yard from these troublesome pests. Learn more about the best ways to control mosquitoes with the experts at Best Choice Pest Control.

Why Mosquitoes Have Returned To Homes Across Dayton

Mosquitoes in Dayton thrive in warm, moist environments, so the humid hot summers are ideal for these pests. Some mosquitoes hibernate over the winter and start to return in the spring, while other types of mosquitoes lay eggs right before the winter that hatch as the weather warms up. 

If your property has a lot of standing water or is close to a swamp or pond, you have an even greater chance of having a large mosquito population in your yard. Mosquitoes breed in still water, and it only takes about two weeks for them to go from egg to biting adults when the temperatures outside get warmer. If you are tired of fighting mosquitoes all summer, contact us at Best Choice Pest Control for assistance.

Is Every Mosquito Bite Dangerous?

Most of the time, a mosquito bite will only leave an itchy, red welt that typically heals within a few days. But here in Dayton, there are a few diseases you can get from mosquitoes, including:

  • Eastern equine encephalitis virus (EEE)
  • West Nile virus
  • St. Louis encephalitis
  • La Crosse virus

There is no way to be sure whether the mosquitoes on your property are carrying diseases, but reducing their populations on your property can significantly decrease the chances of a bite that results in illness. One of the best ways to keep mosquitoes away is to team up with a professional company like Best Choice Pest Control. Contact us today to learn how our services can help to protect your family.

Five Tips You Should Use To Protect Your Dayton Yard From Mosquitoes

A mosquito infestation is not inevitable. You can take specific steps to help reduce the chances of these insects becoming a problem. Here are five mosquito prevention tips you can start using today:

  1. Inspect your property for containers holding still water, such as children’s pools and flower pot bases, and empty them regularly.
  2. Make sure that your gutters are clear of debris.
  3. Ensure you have adequate drainage in the yard to eliminate standing water.
  4. Change water in bird baths and children’s pools frequently.
  5. Eliminate excessive vegetation and keep the lawn cut short.

Eliminating the conditions on your property that mosquitoes are attracted to can help to reduce their numbers. But when you combine your efforts with a local company like Best Choice Pest Control, you can significantly reduce the population of mosquitoes around your yard. Contact us today to request your free quote.

Why Professional Abatement Is The Best Way To Avoid Mosquitoes

There is no way to get rid of mosquitoes entirely, but professional abatement can help eliminate most of these pests around your property. Reach out to Best Choice Pest Control today to learn more about how we can help you reclaim your yard from these biting pests with our professional home pest control or to request your free quote.