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How To Effectively Deal With Termite Damage In Dayton

July 15, 2022 - Termites

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Termite damage is a nightmare for homeowners and can lead to costly repairs, especially if an infestation has been tunneling through your home for a long time. Fortunately, Dayton pest control is available to assist you in treating a termite problem and provide you with expert termite control. 

Signs Of Termite Damage You Should Look Out For

Termites can often invade your home without being detected, but as they tunnel through the internal wooden structures of your property, damage and signs of infestation become evident. Review the signs of termites in your home below to determine whether or not an infestation is underway:

  • Wood that appears damp damaged, or decaying around your property or inside your home
  • Mud tubes that cross from the outside of your property to the inside
  • Galleries carved into wood or wooden furniture around your home
  • Pinpoint holes in walls or baseboards
  • Sinking floors or flooring that breaks easily
  • Dipping ceilings
  • Tight-fitting windows and doors
  • Peeling or bubbling paint on walls

Seeing one or more of these signs around your home can indicate a significant pest issue. You should be contacting Best Choice Pest Control LLC as soon as possible for help with termite removal if you see these signs.

Just A Few Termites Or An Infestation? 

While it is possible to see only a few termites around your home (you will commonly see termite swarmers that have wings) and not have an infestation, this is something you don’t want to risk. Encountering shed wings, termite swarmers, or adult termites in or around your property may not mean an infestation is currently taking place. Still, it means a significant risk of one developing. 

To protect your property from termites and the damage an infestation can bring, reach out to Best Choice Pest Control LLC professionals for advice when you see even one or two termites around your home.

Repairing Termite Damage 

Though it may seem like an overwhelming task, it is possible to repair the termite damage in your home. If you have carpentry skills and are confident in your repair tactics, you can shore up the damaged wood with new support boards; this is the least expensive option. Alternately, you can completely replace areas of damaged wood, but this does cost more and can be a more considerable undertaking. However, it might be necessary depending on how damaged the wood in your home is. Professional carpenters can assist you if you aren’t feeling confident enough in DIY repairing your termite damage.

It is important to note that before any repairs take place, you should ensure that your termite infestation is completely taken care of; this is where Best Choice Pest Control LLC can help you out. We will remove and treat your termite infestation entirely so you can repair your home without the risk of reinfestation.

Total Termite Control Services: No Problem Too Big Or Small 

If you want the best termite control company for your Dayton home, look no further than Best Choice Pest Control LLC. Our highly trained professionals are ready to inspect your property for signs of nuisance invading pests and will waste no time providing tailored comprehensive treatment plans. Plus, we provide you with prevention tips to keep this pest out.

For total termite control and protection on your Dayton property, reach out to Best Choice Pest Control LLC today.

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