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Do You Need Mosquito Control Services In Dayton?

August 15, 2022 - Mosquitoes

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Dayton is a great city to live in, but it does have one pesky downside: mosquitoes. These insects can make outdoor activities very unpleasant. They also can carry diseases, so it's important to take steps to control them. Best Choice Pest Control will discuss some of the basics about mosquitoes and what you can do to repel them. We will also talk about professional pest control in Dayton and how it can help you get rid of mosquitoes for good.

Mosquitoes In Dayton: What You Should Know

Did you know that there are more than 60 different species of mosquitoes in the United States? In Dayton, the most common type is the northern house mosquito. This species is known to carry West Nile virus. Although most people who contract the virus will not experience any symptoms, some may develop a fever, headache, or body aches. In rare cases, West Nile virus can be fatal.

Mosquitoes are attracted to standing water and warm temperatures. They will lay their eggs in any puddle or pond that they can find. Once the larvae hatch, they will mature into adult mosquitoes in just a few weeks. Mosquitoes are most active at dawn and dusk; however, they can bite at any time of day. They tend to bite exposed skin, so it's important to wear long sleeves and pants when you're outside.

There are several ways that you can repel mosquitoes from your body when spending time outdoors. The most common method is to use mosquito repellent. You can also wear light-colored clothing, as mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors. Finally, you can try to avoid being outside during peak mosquito hours.

Three Natural Ways To Repel Mosquitoes

If you want to avoid the use of chemicals, here are some natural ways to repel mosquitoes:

  1. Use plants mosquitoes hate around your property. Citronella, lavender, and marigolds are all some of the best plants to deter mosquitoes.
  2. Use essential oils. You can make your own mosquito repellent by combining equal parts of water and witch hazel. Then add in a few drops of eucalyptus or lemon oil.
  3. Use garlic. This is one of the scents mosquitoes hate. You can make your own mosquito repellent by crushing a few cloves of garlic and adding them to a spray bottle filled with water.

These natural methods are worth a try for everyday mosquito prevention. However, if you're dealing with a major infestation on your property, or are looking for a more reliable solution, the best way to control mosquitoes is by contacting a professional exterminator.

Spraying For Mosquitoes In Dayton

When you hire a professional like Best Choice Pest Control to spray for mosquitoes, we will use a professional-grade treatment that is specifically designed to kill these pests. The treatment will be applied to all of the areas where mosquitoes are likely to breed or congregate. This includes standing water, tall grass, and bushes.

We will also treat the perimeter of your home to create a barrier that will keep mosquitoes from coming inside. This barrier will usually last for several weeks. These treatments are especially helpful in the summer, when mosquitoes are most active. However, they can also be done in the spring and fall to prevent these pests from becoming a problem.

Control Mosquitoes The Easy Way With Best Choice Pest Control

If you're tired of dealing with mosquitoes on your Dayton property, give Best Choice Pest Control a call. With our extensive knowledge of local pests and best pest management practices, we can identify the source of your mosquito problem and customize a home pest control plan to those specific needs. We also offer free quotes and guaranteed services. Contact us today, and let us help you get back to enjoying your yard. 

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