Bed Bug Extermination

If you're dealing with bed bugs, we have the tools and know how to eliminate these unwanted pests. Leave it to our professionally trained Bed Bug Exterminators who deal with these situations effectively and quickly. With years of experience as Bed Bug Exterminators, we have gained what it takes to be the best.

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Image by Christopher Jolly

Bed Bug Facts

  • Bed bugs are small, oval insects that feed by sucking blood from humans.
  • Each time they discard skin they need a meal of blood.
  • Bed bugs are most active at night, for people it is hard to find the infested areas.
  • Bed bugs are flat, brown, wingless and about 5mm or one fourth of an inch in size, which makes it even harder to find out the infested area.
  • Bed bugs generally are attracted to heat and that’s how they know someone is sleeping.
  • A bed bug bite is painless and is generally not noticed.
  • Temperatures between 70 F-80 F allow them to produce up to three generations per year.

Bed Bug Treatment

  • Bed bugs can live anywhere in the home.
  • Fecal stains, egg cases, and shed skins (exuviae) of bed bugs in crevices and cracks on or near beds are suggestive that bed bugs may be present only observing the bugs themselves can confirm an active infestation.
  • A professional Pest control company is usually required to help identify and remove bed bugs from the home.
  • Eggs and adult bed bugs die under 10minutes if exposed to temperature above 460C.