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Attic Remediation Services In Dayton, OH

Best Choice Pest Control: Protecting Dayton Homes & Attics

Many infestations here in the Dayton, OH area are related to attic pests and insects. These critters quickly establish themselves around your home or business by slipping through shingles, household gaps, and other entry points. If allowed to propagate, they may have a devastating effect on your health and wellness.

Helping Dayton home and business owners with attic remediation services, Best Choice Pest Control should be your first choice for protection all year round.

How We Clean And Remediate Attics

All attic-related problems stem from the same three sources — stress points, age, or pest infestations. At Best Choice Pest Control, we strive to take every consideration into account. Our highly effective attic remediation services help eliminate the potential spread, reproduction, and effects of attic pests.

  • We can quickly sanitize the attic by removing all old insulation and applying new, pest-treated insulation.
  • Because our attic remediation services are so effective, all clients and their families may remain within the home throughout the treatment process. No prep work is required!
  • Once we discover the types of pests inside the attic (or the origin point of the infestation), our crew will quickly take pictures to share with you and your family.
  • Exclusion work will be utilized within 24 to 36 hours, helping to fully remove tainted insulation, remove pest carrion, and effectively sanitize the home.

At Best Choice Pest Control, your safety is our utmost priority. That’s why only our highest trained professionals carefully perform every one of our attic remediation services.

If you are interested in how our attic remediation services could best serve you, look no further than our Best Choice Pest Control technicians. Call today for a free attic remediation estimate.

Ways To Keep Your Attic Free Of Pests

Keep pests away long before they invade your home with these prevention techniques for your attic.

  • Don’t allow your home to be easily accessible. Install a chimney cap, inspect shingles often, and trim away tree branches above the house.
  • Caulk and seal smaller entry points that could allow pests to get inside. Use wire mesh, waterproof foam, or a similar type of product treatment.
  • If you think that a wild animal has gained access to your house, call professional pest exterminators such as Best Choice Pest Control.

Attic pest relief is just a call, click, or visit away. Our program developers are standing by to take your call at any time.

Contact Best Choice Pest Control For Attic Remediation Services

Whether you’re facing a serious infestation or just one or two pests, Best Choice Pest Control is standing by to provide high-quality home pest control services at a time convenient to you. Submit an online contact form to schedule your treatment service as soon as possible.